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Vittoria Panizzon

Vittoria Panizzon


Member of the national senior squad

Eventing is the most complete and daring combined equestrian competition. It covers every aspect of horsemanship: the elegance, the obedience of the horse and its harmony with the rider characterised through Dressage; speed, endurance, jumping ability and bravery are essential for the Cross Country; agility, technique and coolness under pressure are a necessity for the Show Jumping.

Attention to detail is the difference between winning and losing. Equissage Pulse is a very gentle, natural therapy that helps me prepare my horses for testing daily workouts as well as aiding faster post work recovery – I wouldn’t be without it.


Made For all used by Champions

Michael Jung
William Fox-Pitt (GBR)
Bettina Hoy (GER)
Dirk Schrade (GER)
Mark Todd (NZL)
Camilla Speirs (IRE)
Sara Algotsson-Ostholt (SWE)
Albert Hermoso Farràs (ESP)
Marta Botin (ESP)
Audrey Nicolai de Gorhez (BEL)
Kris Vervaecke (BEL)
Lara de Liedekerke (BEL)
Hendrik Degros (BEL)
Maria Pinedo Sendagorta (ESP)
Bruno Bouvier (FRA)
Emily Anker (AUS)
Clayton Fredericks (AUS)
Mathieu Boisselier (CAN)
Roberto Riganelli (ITA)
Ruth Edge (GBR)
Vittoria Panizzon (ITA)
Tom van den Broeck (BEL)
Harry Meade (ENG)
Madeleine Brugman (NED)

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