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Isabel Werth (GER)
Beatriz Ferrer Salat (ESP)
Cathrine Dufour (DEN)
Inessa Merkulova (RUS)
Megan Jones (USA)
Mary Hanna (AUS)
Stall Kasselmann (GER)
Michelle Hagman (SWE)
Betsy Steiner (USA)
Jan Brons (NED)
Maree Tomkinson (AUS)
Marc Boblet (FRA)
Laurie Moore (USA)
Ludovic Henry (FRA)
Claire Gosselin (FRA)
Maria Eilberg (GBR)
Lisa Margrit Wilcox (USA)
Nicola McGivern (GBR)
David Lee Pearson (GBR)
Odile van Doorn (FRA)
Jessica Michel (FRA)
Paul & Bobby Hayler (GBR)
Barbara von Grebel (SUI)
Gilles Ngovan (SUI)
Daniel Ramseier (SUI)
Jeanette Larsen (SUI)
Céline Michaud (SUI)
Johan Zagers (BEL
Gestut Peterhof ( GER)

Isabell Werth

Isabell Werth


Isabell Werth

My horses very much enjoy their daily treatment with Equissage Pulse.
The Cyclo massage loosens the muscles before riding, and the relax mode helps the horses recover after training.

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