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Isabel Werth (GER)
Beatriz Ferrer Salat (ESP)
Cathrine Dufour (DEN)
Inessa Merkulova (RUS)
Megan Jones (USA)
Mary Hanna (AUS)
Stall Kasselmann (GER)
Michelle Hagman (SWE)
Betsy Steiner (USA)
Jan Brons (NED)
Maree Tomkinson (AUS)
Marc Boblet (FRA)
Laurie Moore (USA)
Ludovic Henry (FRA)
Claire Gosselin (FRA)
Maria Eilberg (GBR)
Lisa Margrit Wilcox (USA)
Nicola McGivern (GBR)
David Lee Pearson (GBR)
Odile van Doorn (FRA)
Jessica Michel (FRA)
Paul & Bobby Hayler (GBR)
Barbara von Grebel (SUI)
Gilles Ngovan (SUI)
Daniel Ramseier (SUI)
Jeanette Larsen (SUI)
Céline Michaud (SUI)
Johan Zagers (BEL
Gestut Peterhof ( GER)

Maria Eilberg

Maria Eilberg


Multiple Britisch Champion

I have been using Equissage since 2009. Equissage creates a straighter horse, one that uses muscles from one side to the next equally. The new product developments within Equissage Pulse deliver improved benefits through two additional therapy options that can be used depending on my needs, is lighter with the added benefit of increased battery life and so lasts longer between charges.

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