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how it works

Equissage Pulse delivers powerful cycloidal (three-way) vibrations to the whole body, and is scientifically proven to improve local blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, relaxation and joint mobility and can help in rehabilitation from a multitude of injuries or persistent conditions.

Clinical trials have proven that Equissage can also increase the stride length of a horse by an average of 21% and increase the hock angles by an average of 9%.

It was also shown to increase the speed of the stride as well as the stride length, making the horse faster and able to cover more ground.

What is CVT


Equissage Pulse provides a non-aggressive deep and gentle massage for the whole horse using Cycloid Vibration Therapy (NHC Cyclo-Therapy® technology).

Massage itself is as old as any form of human therapy. Generally safe, non-invasive and instantly soothing.

Simply put, NHC Cyclo-Therapy is a three dimensional deep tissue massage. The massage effect is different to others on the market as it works in a radiating elliptical movement effect rather than a piston-like hammering motion, which can often aggravate the muscles and joints and do more harm than good.

NHC Cyclo-Therapy operates rather like a gyroscope, creating a subtle, soothing, cycloidal (instead of just jarring) vibration. This is achieved through the multi-directional energy waves moving north/south, east/west, while also rotating on a constant basis.

The result? Deep, gentle, relaxing treatment, without any of those conventional side-effects.

This unique therapy is designed to promote the flow of blood around the body helping to soothe aching joints and muscles, reducing muscle tension and providing effective relief from a wide range of symptoms and conditions – all without the need for drugs, creams or ointments.


Effect on circulation

Thermography shows how Equissage treatment improves blood circulation


Before Equissage treatment

Noticeable vasomotor dysfunction of the limbs, intolerance of the saddle and girth, triggering myofacial pain in the neck and back, reduced sympathetic function.

thermography 1
Blue and green indicate poor blood circulation


After 25 minutes of Equissage treatment

25 minutes of the Equissage belt and 20 minutes in conjunction with the hand unit in the Equissage boot on the left hindquarters.
Rapid and significant improvement in sympathetic function resulting from the increased blood flow which was abnormally low in the affected areas.

thermography 2
Yellow and red indicate an improvement of the blood circulation


After 5 hours of Equissage treatment

The thermal level of the legs and back are back to normal thus indicating the positive effects of Equissage on a complex pain syndrome.
The painful areas have disappeared, there is no more intolerance to the saddle and vasomotor dysfunctions are clearly reduced.

thermography 3

Veterinary Surgeon Dietrich Graf von Schweinitz says:

“Not only did the stride length appear to improve, but an increase in the speed of the stride (from an average of 2.6m/sec to 3.1m/sec) was also found in the study.”
“The hock joint flexion and swing phase of the stride improvements provide an increased power translating in improved performance for all disciplines.”

Clinical trials at Writtle College in the UK proved that Equissage helped to increase horse’s length of stride by up to 13%, assisting performance across all disciplines. The study included eight horses of varying ages who were monitored for their length of stride before and after a treatment with Equissage daily over two weeks.

Therefore, because of the increased stride length, Racehorses, Polo ponies, Eventers and many other horse disciplines all perform with fewer strides and a faster time. Because of the increase in joint flexion and power, Dressage horses in particular can increase their performance and scores, as lack of impulsion and hind limb engagement is one of the most common reported faults in Dressage.

Thoroedge study

The effect on performance


The key elements of this research, using GPS and Heart Monitor are:

- Improved recovery rate

- Increase in distance per heartbeat

- Improved speed performance

Thoroedge study niagara equissage pulse

Improve trot speed

by an average


Increase post workout

recovery time by


Increase stride length

by an average


Increase hock angles

by an average


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